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[Combs Music Collection Album Cover] Combs Music Collection contains one song from each of the first fourteen albums produced by Combs Music. These are complete songs, not just shortened samples. So, if you don't already own all fourteen of these albums, you can order the Combs Music Collection and get a flavor for what you are missing. To learn more about any one of the fourteen albums, click on the album title. Use the "back" button on your browser to return to this page.

  1. Rachel's Song [3:46] (From the album, Rachel's Song - The Instrumental Album)
  2. Happy Christmas Bells [2:03] (From the album, First Christmas)
  3. Rainbows and Dewdrops [3:38] (From the album, Beautiful Thoughts)
  4. America the Beautiful [4:17] (From the album, Celebrate Freedom)
  5. Daylight Lingers [3:17] (From the album, Springtime Reflections)
  6. Near to the Heart of God / It is Well With My Soul [3:50] (From the album, September Psalm)
  7. Countryside Garden [3:04] (From the album, Mellow Moments)
  8. Daydreaming in the Clouds [4:43] (From the album, Quiet Escapes)
  9. Sweet Hour of Prayer [3:52] (From the album, Peaceful Praise)
  10. Soft Sonata [3:36] (From the album, Discover Tranquility)
  11. We've Only Just Begun [3:52] (From the album, Familiar Favorites)
  12. Whispers of the Wind [3:48] (From the album, Soft Touch)
  13. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / Go, Tell It on the Mountain [3:56] (From the album, Inspirational Treasures)
  14. Northern Beaches [1:57] (From the album, The Outer Banks)
Total Album Playing Time: [50:15]

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