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Combs Music has fifteen albums of purely instrumental music available on Compact Disc. All of the music is recorded primarily on acoustic grand piano with some strings and other soft accompaniment on many of the tracks. There are seven albums of original compositions by Dave Combs, one album of favorite songs by other composers, three albums of favorite hymns, an album of patriotic music, an original sound track album for The Outer Banks, and a Christmas album. In addition there is one album, Combs Music Collection, which contains one complete song from each of the other fourteen albums. All of the recordings are arranged and recorded in the same relaxing, soothing style. This beautiful music is enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

One of the most popular vacation spots on the East Coast is The Outer Banks of North Carolina. The scenery is beautiful with numerous historic light houses and stunning sunsets along the hundreds of miles of sandy beaches. Dave Combs and Evan Richey were asked to score the music for a video travelogue of this North Carolina treasure. The music they created is available on CD and the entire video program is available on VHS video tape.

Some of the most beautiful places on earth can be found along the ridges of the Blue Ridge Parkway which runs for 469 miles from Virginia to North Carolina. Emmy award-winning photographer and Dave Combs have teamed up to produce a stunningly beautiful 45 minute program. The beauty of the accompanying music is exceeded only by the beautiful scenery along this magnificent scenic parkway. If you can't visit the parkway in person, this high quality video is the next best thing to being there.

If you like beautiful roses and Combs Music, you must see the roses video which has nearly an hour of closeups of beautiful rose blossoms accompanied by nothing but Dave Combs' music. The 3-D effect captured in the video simply must be seen to be appreciated. You can almost smell the fragrance of the roses they look so real.

For those that play the piano, there are eleven music books available which are exact transriptions of the corresponding albums.

Over 50,000 people so far have taken the time to write to or call Combs Music about what the music has meant to them.


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The following PIANO MUSIC BOOKS which are exact transcriptions of the corresponding albums are also available. These are available only directly from Combs Music. Call us at 800-932-6627 to order. The following VHS videos are also available: The following paperback book by Linda Combs is also available:


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