Dave Combs —
Songwriter, Author, Photographer, Publisher

A native of Erwin, Tennessee, Dave grew up in a family that enjoyed making music. Both of his parents and his grandmother Combs played the piano, which began his musical journey that included being a church choir director and pianist.

After college, Dave move to Winston-Salem, North Carolina where he served as Minister of Music at a church while working as a computer programmer at a Fortune 500 company.

His songwriting began with the now popular standard, Rachel’s Song, which was arranged and recorded by Gary Prim in 1986. Since then, Dave has written over 120 songs and recorded 15 albums of soft, soothing, and relaxing instrumental music that has touched the lives of millions around the world.

An article written by Dave about how music has changed his life and touched the lives of millions of people appeared in Guideposts magazine. Click here to see the article.

A multitude of inspiring stories about Dave’s lifelong journey with his music can be found in his best-selling biographical book, Touched by the Music: How the Story and Music of “Rachel’s Song” Can Change Your Life.

Dave and his wife, Linda, live in Winston-Salem.

Dave Combs
Gary Prim - Arranger, Performer, Studio Keyboard Artist, Songwriter

Gary Prim —
Arranger, Performer, Studio Keyboard Artist, Songwriter

Gary Prim is considered one of Nashville’s most sought-after studio pianists, with a long list of credits that include major country, gospel, pop, and R&B recording artists.

Gary was born in the East Tennessee town of Kingston and learned to play piano “by ear” as a child in his local church. He began his studio-recording career in Nashville in 1981.

Gary has also enjoyed success as a songwriter. His studio credits include a series of successful instrumental albums with composer Dave Combs, beginning with Rachel’s Song in 1986.

Gary, and his wife, Julie, make their home in Nashville, Tennessee.

Dave Combs composes the instrumental melodies with piano as the primary instrument with Gary Prim as the arranger and recording artist.

The Story Behind Rachel's Song

One afternoon in 1981, my wife, Linda, came home from work and asked me, “What is the name of this song that I have been humming all day?” After she hummed a little bit of the song, I told her, “I don’t know the name of it.” She said, “You don’t? You play it on the piano all the time.” I told her that it was something that I made up. She got really excited and insisted that I write down the music and make a recording of it so that I would not forget it.

After I wrote the sheet music we tried to come up with a name for the song, but nothing seemed to fit. The music stayed in my piano bench for a couple of years with no name.

In 1983, some very dear friends of ours had a baby girl named Rachel and they asked my wife and me to be her godparents. Of course we accepted. A few months later, Rachel was Christened and at the end of the service, I got the inspiration to play my song then and there.

As I played, the music seemed to touch everyone and before the song was over there was not a dry eye in the church, including mine.

At the conclusion of the song, I announced that “from now on the song will be known as ‘Rachel’s Song'”. For the first time the song had a name and it seemed to be the perfect fit.

Rachel's Song CD cover, composed by Dave Combs

Combs Music Company

Combs Music Company is an independent record company that is owned by Dave Combs in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Combs Music has established a business relationship with Separk Music Company in Lewisville, NC just outside Winston-Salem, to provide the day-to-day customer service and fulfillment aspects of the business.

Separk Music is owned by Drew and Marlene Parker, long-time friends and customers of Dave Combs. So, when you call Combs Music you will get the friendly voices of the outstanding staff at Separk Music to help you. You can visit the Separk Music website for Combs Music CDs click here or for Combs Music piano books click here.

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