Media Interviews

Jack Canfield Interview

The story about Rachel’s Song that has touched lives all over the world is certainly one that is bound to inspire. Watch Dave’s interview by renowned “Chicken Soup for the Soul” author, Jack Canfield. This reveals how the music of Rachel’s Song can transform your life and your outlook on what is truly possible.

The Soar! Podcast

Ep. 52 Balancing Your Art and Your Business

Host: Rai Hyde Cornell

The dream is to make a wonderful, comfortable living from your art, right? Well that’s exactly what songwriter and pianist Dave Combs has done over his long entrepreneurial career. But if you want to make that dream come true, you have to know that it’s not all about making the art – it’s about being a savvy businessman or businesswoman, too. Listen in as Dave shares his best tips for living the dream life of an artist while also leveraging your left-brain business savvy in the process. Dec 24, 2022, Video Interview 40:38

Glass Half Full Podcast

Host: Chris Levens

In this weeks episode of Glass Half Full, Chris interviews Dave Combs. Dec 15, 2022, Audio Interview, 1:03:26

Deal By Me Podcast

Host: Dr. James W. Smith

You will enjoy this interview where Dave shares his encouraging, inspiring and transforming stories with Dr. Smith whose own story is an incredible testimony.  Dec 8, 2022, Audio Interview, 33:04

Holy Spirit’s Curriculum of Joy

Host: Wanako Oberhuber (Austria)

If you have ever second guessed where your inspiration comes from, listen to what Dave shares about it. You might wonder how it is possible for every one of us to be infinitely valuable in the mind of God, but consider how blessed we all are to be part of the solution that is the journey of allowing Spirit to remove the blocks to the awareness of love‘s presence. Dave shares a thought about how every step to how he sees the world today was a gift to him. Nov 21, 2022, Video Interview, 1:17:21

Linda’s Corner – Music with the power to heal hearts

Host: Linda Bjork

Welcome to Linda’s Corner.  In this episode, composer and songwriter Dave Combs shares the story of a life-changing song.  Dave has written over 120 songs and recorded 15 albums of soft, soothing, and relaxing instrumental music that has touched the lives of millions around the world. Oct 27, 2022, Audio Interview, 29:57

Marc My Words Podcast

Host: Marc Schmidt

Marc and Dave explore the many stories of Dave’s multi-decade entrepreneurial journey with his music. Oct 20, 2022, Audio Interview, 1:03:05

Strap On Your Boots Podcast

How to market your song to become a hit

Host: Jason Sherman

Successful technologist and filmmaker Jason Sherman gives you real world examples on how to realistically succeed in the world of entrepreneurship while helping you avoid common mistakes. Here he interviews Dave about his music. Oct 3, 2022, Video Interview, 17:38

The “X” Zone Radio/TV Show

Host: Rob McConnell

Join Canadian broadcaster and media personality, Rob McConnell, in a great interview with Dave. Sept 28, 2022, Video Interview, 42:03

Share Your Stories Podcast

Host: Trish Tonaj

Join us for a live and unscrpited interview with Dave. Sept 26, 2022, Video Podcast, 21:33

The Success Factor Podcast

Host: Trent Christensen

In this interview with Trent you will hear Dave Combs discuss the story behind composing and recording Rachel’s Song, his inspiration for exploring his artistic talents, the importance of discovering your gifts, how to find success by surrounding yourself with great people, and much more. Sept 14, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:29:38

The Work From Home Podcast

Ep 99 – Running an Influential Music Business from Home

Host: Tolu Balogun

Dave Combs, an established composer and music entrepreneur who has built a successful business with virtually no advertising and creating a worldwide following generating over 50,000 personal notes and letters of support for his music.

He shared with us his journey working in the corporate world and how that journey took him from information technology to music. His journey with music started while he was still working in corporate, which he later titled Rachel’s song, which has gotten him letters from around the world.

Sept 12, 2022, Audio Podcast, 35:00

Speaking of Impact Podcast

EP #114: Touched by the Music

Host: Bob de Pasquale

Join Dave and Bob and Dave describes his journey to becoming a professional musician and author is fascinating.  He’s very humble, but has had such an impact on the world.  He lives using his talents to please others (with the encouragement of his wife).  You’ll appreciate the way he connects his gifts with the people that experience his work. Sept 8, 2022, Audio Podcast, 42:28

MYFB Podcast

How Inspiration and Data built an Industry

Host: Ambition Phillips

This episode is a special one. There is a moment when inspiration and intelligence meet and Dave Combs capitalized on that moment when he created his first song (Rachel’s Song). Listen to this episode for the story of how a song written for a baby girl created an industry. Aug 29, 2022, Audio Podcast, 1:17:50

Evolution of Brand Podcast

Here’s How One Song Built a Brand

Host: Jason Cercone

Join Jason and Dave for a next-level conversation about how Dave’s brand took off because of one song that caught fire. In this conversation, we’ll learn more about how Dave took “Rachel’s Song” global, how he’s been able to build his brand through a whirlwind of changes in the music industry, why he prefers publicity over advertising, and how to unlock the “hit song” that’s inside of you. Aug 16, 2022, Audio Podcast, 50:04

The Spiritual Entrepreneur Blueprint Podcast

Host: Frazer Fearnhead

Music is a wonderful medium that brings joy into our lives. It inspires us, energizes us, makes us feel happy or sad, and helps us connect with others. If there’s one person who understands the power of music, it’s Dave Combs. In today’s episode, we’re recapping Dave’s journey into the music industry. Aug 9, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:05:35

Q-T.A.L.K.S. Podcast

Host: Rahul Yadav

Human beings are storyteller by nature. “Q-T.A.L.K.S” is an abbreviation of “Quest for The Adventure of Learning and Knowing through Stories”, where people coming from discrete social backgrounds such as Scientists, Social Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Actors, Singers, Teachers, Industrialists, Students, Business people and many more will unite to share their stories and perspective, enabling information from a diverse community. Rahul interviews Dave about his music. Aug 6, 2022, Audio Podcast, 33:32

From Fear to Fire! Podcast

Touched by the Music with Dave Combs

Host: Heather Hansen O’Neill

This podcast is the place where real people share real challenges. Where you can find a common bond and uncommon wisdom through their stories. Use tips from the breakthroughs of others to jump start your success. Speaker, author, adventurer, and host Heather Hansen O’Neill takes you on the journey from fear to fire. Today we talk with Dave Combs about how music can touch and inspire other people’s life. July 28, 2022, Audio Podcast, 33:57

Onest Conversations Podcast

A Significant Career That Started With One Song

Host: Olga Nesterova

It is not often that you get the opportunity to be interviewed by a world champion athlete and a founder of a media company. Olga is a native of Ukraine and is a former world champion ballroom and latin dancer and the founder of the Onest Network. Olga and I had a delightful conversation that you will enjoy.  July 24, 2022, Audio Podcast, 1:01:52

Walk In Victory Podcast

Facts About The Music Industry Today – Surviving Through Music

Host: NaRon Tillman

What would you do if you created music and wanted millions of people to hear it? And when you realize that dream you watch the entire music industry transform and you are faced with the challenge of relearning and building again. July 20, 2022, Audio Podcast, 41:46

Back2Basics Podcast: Reconnecting to the essence of YOU

E162: Dave Combs- Touched by The Music

Host: Laticia Latino

Dave’s songwriting began almost by chance. How his popular standard, Rachel’s Song was the kickstart of it all, is definitely a journey worth listening to, especially because he will convince you that you too can find the hit song hidden inside you. July 14, 2022, Audio Podcast, 52:22

Chapter X Podcast

Changing Your Story with Dave Combs

Host: Michael Kay

We are often told to pursue our passions in our professional lives. From childhood and onward, we hear the familiar tune of advice like, “Do what you love,” when it comes to our career. Yet it’s rare to find people who’ve turned their passions into viable work. And I think you’ll find today’s guest truly inspiring. July 13, 2022, Audio Podcast, 54:06

Daily Inspirational Quotes Podcast

Two Year Anniversary Episode with Dave Combs

Host: Pastor Daniel Bernabe

Daniel and I explore the difference between gifts and talents and we celebrate the two-year anniversary of his podcast. This is my second appearance as Daniel’s guest. July 7, 2022, Video Podcast, 44:38

Speak With Power Podcast

Take Relentless Action to Boost Business Growth with Dave Combs

Host: Natasha Bazilevych

If you created something beautiful and wanted millions of people to know about it, what would you do?Dave Combs writes music and through relentless action, he found a way to touch millions of hearts with it. A native of Ukraine, Natasha, does a delightful interview with Dave. July 8, 2022, Audio Podcast, 48:16

Pursuit of Relentless Podcast

Episode 106: Touched by the Music with Dave Combs

Host: Alaina Nadig
Today, we are joined by Dave Combs, who talks about how music affected his life. Ever since childhood, Dave was surrounded by music as he had both parents who could play piano and a grandmother who could play by ear. With that influence and inspiration from his hometown, Dave came to love music and eventually became a musician. There is so much to unpack from this episode, so stay tuned! June 24, 2022, Audio Podcast, 1:00:51

The Wounds of the Faithful Podcast

Host: Diana Winkler
We have a musical treat for you today with my guest Dave Combs! Music has so much power in healing your body, your mind, and soul in whatever trauma you’ve experienced. Dave tells the story of how his original song, “Rachel’s Song” has touched the lives of countless people around the world. You are going to enjoy Dave’s fascinating stories about his childhood, his songwriting, his touching letters from fans, and how his song became so successful without traditional marketing methods. You get to hear this beautiful song at the end of the interview! Don’t miss this episode! June 22, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:03:38

Now Tell Us Podcast

Host: Anthony Muiruri
Anthony and Dave talk about the relationship between music and health. June 16, 2022, Video Podcast, 42:01

Terminal Value Podcast (Part I & II)

Host: Doug Utberg
Doug and Dave speak about Dave’s journey of creating his own composition of “Rachel’s Song,” as well as his challenges from recording to marketing, and how these obstacles became stepping stones for his biggest breakthrough. June 15, 2022, Video Podcast, 23:49 and 26:50

Shelor Select Podcast Ep. #102

Host: Chris Shelor
Everyone has a story that’s built on thousands of how’s, why’s, and what’s. Join host Chris Shelor as he dives in with guest Dave Combs to learn how he lives his life, why he does what he does, and what goes through his mind while he does it. June 15, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:01:09

Passage to Profit Show – Road to Entrepreneurship

Hosts: Richard and Elizabeth Gearhart
The Passage to Profit Show is a nationally syndicated weekly radio show and podcast about entrepreneurism and innovation from multiple perspectives. Show hosts Richard Gearhart (a patent and trademark expert) and Elizabeth Gearhart (a startup entrepreneur), interview Dave Combs about his journey with his music. June 12, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:24:01 (Dave’s segment starts at 1:00:43)

Secrets of Success Podcast

The amazing success story of a songwriter

Host: Jeff Smith
Jeff Smith is on record as the most successful author of all time on KPI (Key Performance Indicators) and Business Strategy in Great Britain. This episode is an in-depth discussion between Dave and Jeff about the struggles, the successes and even life-saving melodies that literally changed people’s lives, culminating in his brand new book, Touched By The Music. June 8, 2022, Audio Podcast, 1:38:40

The Find Your Leadership Confidence Podcast

What’s the Most Important Word for Increasing Your Confidence? Action!

Host: Vicki Noethling
The many stories of Dave’s 40+ year journey with his music is all about gaining confidence in himself, in his musical creations, and in his ability to grow a successful music business. Now he uses this ability to communicate these inspiring stories to audiences far and wide. June 6, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:12:28

ihealth Radio with Hurricane H

The Rachel’s Song Health Marvel with Author and Pianist Dave Combs

Hosts: Hurricane H (AKA: Hicham John Elanmati)
Join Dave and Hurricane H as they explore the many beneficial aspects of Dave’s music and the inspirational stories of his entrepreneurial journey. June 4, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:33:46

The Art of Medicine with Dr. Andrew Wilner Podcast

Hosts: Dr. Andrew Wilner
Please join Dave and Dr. Wilner for this 20-minute interview. Learn about the soothing quality of “Rachel’s Song” and his other music which can have therapeutic effects. May 29, 2022, Video Podcast, 20:34

Business Talk Show on USA Global TV

Hosts: Dr. Jacalyn and Roland Friedl
Dave Combs relates several of the many stories of his 40+ year journey with his music, diving into the business of music. May 25, 2022, Video Podcast, 52:52

Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino Podcast

Host: Joe Dimino
Welcome to a new edition of the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino series .. On this episode, we talk with Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Photographer & Author Dave Combs about a great life in music and business. May 25, 2022, Audio Podcast, 27:50

Linda’s Corner: Faith, Family, and Living Joyfully Podcast

Host: Linda Bjork
Welcome to Linda’s Corner.  In this episode, composer and songwriter Dave Combs shares the story of a life-changing song. May 24, 2022, Audio Podcast, 29:57

The Neil Haley Show

Host: Neil Haley
Today on The Neil Haley Show, Neil will interview Author and Musician Dave Combs. May 23, 2022, Audio Podcast, 12:00

Secrets of Designing Tomorrow Podcast Ep 96

Host: Diana Popa
Learn how Dave designed his tomorrow with his music and it actually happened. May 17, 2022, Audio Podcast, 28:55

The KOG Entrepreneur Show Podcast

Host: Steven Harris
This episode of The Kingdom of God Entrepreneur Show features Dave Combs, Author of Touched by the Music. He joins Steven Harris to discuss his success in the music industry and the practical approaches he used to to make a name for himself in the Music industry. May 16, 2022, Video Podcast, 36:12

The Kimberly Cloud Show Podcast

Host: Kimberly Cloud
Kimberly’s show basically consists of her guests’ past present and future events leading into their life stories. Dave Combs shares some of his life stories in this episode. May 9, 2022, Video Podcast, 24:42

The Miracle You Podcast

Episode 156: Love of Music with Dave Combs

Host: Vince Kramer

Join us for this episode of The Miracle You with your host Vince Kramer of Imagine Miracles and his special guest Dave Combs. Dave shares his journey towards finding music again in his life. Learn how his composition “Rachael’s Song” changed everything. May 9, 2022, Audio Podcast, 31:52

Chasing Financial Freedom Podcast

Building a Successful Business With No Advertising

Host: Ryan DeMent

On this episode, we interview Dave Combs who shares his journey from his day job to selling his best-selling song Rachel’s Song. Dave has been there and done that, so he knows what it takes to achieve financial freedom. May 4, 2022, Audio Podcast, 46:45

Blu Alchemist Podcast

Interview with Dave Combs about his music journey!

Host: Sequoyia Blue

In this episode we dive into the journey of Dave Combs musical journey. April 30, 2022, Audio Podcast, 57:15

Storytellers With A Message Podcast

Guest Storyteller Dave Combs – Where the Music took Him

Host: Lorrie Grant

Dave Combs tells stories about his journey with music, starting with “Rachel’s Song.” April 27, 2022, Audio Podcast, 19:59

Café & Networking Podcast

Host: Tom Reaoch

Dave Combs shares advice to entrepreneurs, starting out or looking to pivot. April 27, 2022, Audio Podcast, 09:10

People Explained Podcast: Writing Music That Touches Millions of Lives

Host: Sam Mbatha

Dave Combs is a lifelong piano player and one day a song entered his mind. He played this song for friends and family and they loved it. That song ended up being called Rachel’s Song. This song has touched millions of lives. This episode you will hear the story of Dave’s transition from the corporate world to becoming a successful musician. April 26, 2022, Audio Podcast, 53:47

Join the Conversation with Denise Clark Podcast

Join the Conversation about Connecting #3: Touched by the Music with Dave Combs

Hosts: Denise Clark

Join the Conversation with Denise Clark, educator, wife, & mother, as she seeks to gain an understanding of Dave Combs’ 40+ year journey with his music. April 22, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:13:57

Calming Your Chaos With Music

Hosts: Tracy Kanela

Calming the Chaos is a podcast by Licensed Mental Health Counselor Tracy Kenela, who interviews Dave Combs who talks about the way he found to help people find peace in a chaotic world. April 16, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:05:49

Legacy Digging with 2 Native Sons Podcast

Hosts: Scott Brandt and Patrick Murakami

What happens when you take action? Maybe you don’t fully understand or know as you haven’t fully stepped into taking the action to put life towards your dreams and visions. As Peter Voogd states action takers get rewarded. Patrick and Scott had the pleasure of listening to the nuggets Dave shared, which has created the impact in the lives of others through the music h has produced and shared. If you take the example Dave shares, understand that life will start showing up very differently for you. April 15, 2022, Audio Podcast, 1:02:06

Mind Body Business Show Podcast

Host: Brian Kelly

The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show is a show about the 3 pillars of success. It’s like a tripod. Take any one of its legs away, and it comes tumbling down. Join us for value, insight, and expert conversation with Dave Combs. This is a high energy interview, so buckle up and prepare for the ride. April 11, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:04:52

Heidi’s LemonAid Stand Podcast, Show #139

Host: Heidi Alldredge

Taking life’s lemons and making lemonade! Real stories of people who have overcome challenges and made our world better. Chris interviews Dave Combs about his journey with his music and about his new book, Touched by the Music.  April 11, 2022, Audio Podcast, 30:38

The #SPEAKEASY Podcast

Host: Altovise Pelzer

How to Transform Your Gift into a Thriving Business. In this episode, Altovise speaks with Dave Combs, a musician with over 40 years of experience in the industry and author. He explains how he transformed his music gift into a thriving business through strategic marketing in an era when social media didn’t exist. March 21, 2022, Audio Podcast, 20:34

The Inventive Journey Podcast

Host: Devin Miller

In this “Don’t Get Ahead Of Your Skies” episode Dave Combs shares the journey he took to get to where he is today, including the ups and downs, successes and failures. March 14, 2022, Video Podcast, 26:53

The World of Work Radio Broadcast

Host: Shep Cohen

Shep Cohen is the host of The World of Work, on New Jersey radio station WDVR. For more than 20 years, he’s interviewed entrepreneurs, authors, celebrities, and other noteworthy figures about their unique journeys. In this episode, Shep interviews Dave Combs about his career at AT&T and his transition to his music business full-time. April 1, 2022, Video Podcast, 57:13

Daily Inspirational Quotes Podcast

Host: Daniel Bernabe

Daniel’s goal with his podcast is to inspire, motivate people, encourage them to obey God’s Word, and serve others through their gifts. Here is his interview with Dave Combs. March 30, 2022, Video Podcast, 24:07

Late Boomers Podcast

Hosts: Cathy Worthington and Merry Elkins

Coming home from his job at AT&T, Dave Combs sat down at his piano to relax and composed “Rachel’s Song.” It became an instant hit heard on radio stations across the country and led him on a journey to change careers and create more than 120 songs and 15 albums, write a book and publish music. Tune in to learn how he did it. March 23, 2022, Audio Podcast, 44:46

Route 664:The Road to Human Kindness Podcast

Host: Les Winston

Dave Combs joins Les Winston to talk music and philanthropy. March 17, 2022, Video Podcast, 15:48

The Vibes Broadcast Podcast

Host: Kyle Yates

The interview discussion ranges from exploring the origins and history of Dave Combs’ music to discussions about the influence of Dave’s faith on his life and music.
March 7, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:00:18

USA Global TV Authentic Achievement Podcast

Hosts: Dr. Jacalyn and Kim-Adele Randall
Listen as  Dr. Jacalyn and Kim-Adele chat with Dave Combs as he tells the story of Rachel’s Song.
March 4, 2022, VIdeo Podcast, 53:35

Small Business, Big Challenge Podcast

Host: Lionel Legry
Listen to Dave share his incredible business journey and let his passion for music inspire you!
March 1, 2022, Audio Podcast, 50:35

Level Up Podcast

Host: Keith Jacob
In this episode Dave talks about his background and his new book, “Touched by the Music”, And then Dave and Keith Jacob dive in to talk about how to use mastermind groups to boost exposure for the book and the music.
February 21, 2022, Video Podcast, 44:12

The Aloönæ Show Podcast

Host: Jåamie Aloönæ

A Musical Beginning. Jåamie talks with Dave about his path through publicly, the song that influenced millions and more of his music ventures.
February 9, 2022, Audio Podcast, 31:59

The Round Table Talk Show

Host: Sharifah Hardie
The music and stories of Dave Combs
December 14, 2021, Video Podcast, 58:32

Practical Healthy Living Podcast

Host: Dr. Alan Thomalla
On topic discussion with Dave Combs about his music, including a Christmas song that he wrote
December 5, 2021, Video Discussion with Dave Combs, 23:38

Updated 24K-Healing

Power of Healing Your Energy Podcast

Host: Christine Gold
Rachel’s Song: Touched by the Music
November 17, 2021, Video Interview with Dave Combs, 44:56

No Sitting On The Sidelines Dad Podcast

If You Have A Gift, Don’t Hide It, Do Something With It To Inspire Someone

Host: Joe Foley

Power of Music and Living Your Dreams with Dave Combs the creator of Rachel’s Song. November 14, 2021. Video Podcast, 40:50

Daily Dose of Radio Rehab

Host: David McMillian
Strategies for Living
November 10, 2021, Video Facebook Live Interview with Dave Combs, 57:01

Monthly Group Coaching Session for the Fowler International Academy (FIA) of Professional Coaches

Host: Berry Fowler
The Power of Authorship and the Book in You
October 27, 2021, Video Webinar with guest Dave Combs, 30:47

Conversations with Rob Radio/Podcast

Host: Rob Nobrega
Songwriter, Author, Photographer, Publisher David Combs wrote over 110 songs and recorded 14 albums
October 14, 2021, Video Podcast Interview with Dave Combs, 29:07

Shut Up and GRIND Podcast

Host: Rob Foster
How Music Changed His Life Forever
September 1, 2021, Episode 133, Podcast Interview with Dave Combs, Audio only, 1:05:24

The Frankie Boyer Show Podcast

Host: Frankie Boyer
Music That Heals
August 16, 2021, Interview with Dave Combs, Audio only, From 31:00 to 39:20

Next Gen Leadership Podcast

Host: Tommy Thomas

Today we are taking a break from the standard format.  Our guest is Dave Combs.  You probably don’t recognize his name but I imagine you have heard his easy-listening hit Rachel’s Song.

I met Dave through his wife, Dr. Linda Combs, who was a guest earlier this year.  Dave has an amazing story of how the recording of the first song he ever wrote literally changed his life and the lives of millions around the world. Dec 29, 2022, Audio Podcast, 36:37

The reLaunch Podcast

Host: Hilary DeCesare

We all have gifts that can be shared with our family, friends, community, and even the world at large. Dave Combs followed his passions and turned his musical gift into a successful second career–what a RELAUNCH! Join Hilary and Dave as they discuss the importance of listening to your heart and being savvy about launching a new venture. Dave’s stories and musical talents are encouraging and will make your day brighter. Dec 9, 2022, Audio Podcast, 34:57

Bri Undeniably Presents: Deep Conversations with Dope Individuals (DCDI) Podcast

Host: Bri Tartaglione

In this week’s episode of DCDI, Bri chats with Dave Combs. Nov 21, 2022, Audio Podcast, 54:39

Month of Miracles Podcast

Hosts: Livia Pewtress

Livia has dedicated an entire month to talking about life’s miracles. Join Livia and Dave in this special Goodness of God event where Dave talks about the many mini-miracles or Godwinks that have been a part of his lifelong journey with music. Nov 4, 2022, Video Podcast, 41:18

The Voice of Many Podcast

Hosts: Yolanda and Vanessa

The hosts are a mother and daughter team whose podcast goal is to keep their listeners inspired and encouraged through the voices of everyday people. We hope you will join them as they interview Dave. Oct 31, 2022, Video Podcast, 26:02

The Real Life Buyer Podcast

Learn how a Purchasing Expert utilises his knowledge of business, supply chain and logistics to manufacture, market, sell and distribute his music

Host: Dave Barr

Hear how Dave utilises his extensive knowledge of business, supply chain and logistics and applies this into the manufacture, marketing, selling and distribution of his music.

Dave shares his incredible story of reaching one of the highest  academic qualifications and a very senior management position in the corporate world of professional purchasing, to becoming the famous composer of “Rachels Song” and in doing so securing his future as a successful Music Business Owner, Photographer and Author. Oct 4, 2022, Audio Podcast, 54:47

The Leadership HABIT: The Inspiration and the Hustle

On the Onest Network

Host: Angie Hooper

We hear from Dave Combs about his journey from tech job to successful composer. How inspiration and willingness to serve and be open to possibility made his music “viral” before viral was a thing. Dave talks to us about how inspiration, grace, and hustle work together to build success. Learn more about Dave’s incredible story, listen to Rachel’s Song. Oct 2, 2022, Video Podcast, 29:07

Music to Sooth the Soul Podcast

Host: Lucinda Sage-Midgorden

I wanted to share my conversation with Dave Combs long before it will air on Story-Power, because his music can be an anecdote for the times we’re living in. You will find a link to Rachel’s Song, possibly his most famous composition. Enjoy!

Sept 27, 2022, Audio Podcast, 1:10:19

Remarkable People Podcast

The Impact of Love, Music, & Rachel’s Song to Overcome the Effects of Divorce, Heartache, & Pain

Host: David Pasqualone

Did you hear the one about the boy whose parents separated when he was 10 years old and the consequences of their decision that still affected him 60 years later? You know, the one where he turned his passion for music into a healthy a stress relief, then into a full-time career?

Today’s guest not only met his wife during this process, but went on to touch people’s lives through a song that came to him unexpectedly via inspiration. Best yet? He’s not just going to share with us the practical life tips of what he did, but how he did it so we can achieve similar results in our lives as well.

He’s a great storyteller, song writer, and true gentleman. Not to mention a personal friend of Jack Canfield, founder and author of the Chicken Soup for the Souls franchise.  So get your pen and paper ready. You’re going to love listening to this remarkable episode of the podcast and glean a ton of incredible knowledge and insights. All of this and much, much more in this heartfelt episode. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Dave Combs story!

Sept 7, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:52:05

Going North Podcast

Host: Dom Brightmon

As early as now, you have to recognize your gifts and talents. Look deeper into who you are and discover your potential. Develop that enthusiasm to reach for your dreams. Listen to your host Dom Brightmon as he dives into this meaningful conversation with Dave Combs about inspiring, uplifting, and touching people’s lives through music. Enjoy being touched by the music and tune in to elevate your joy and peace through the power of his uplifting and inspirational story. Aug 28, 2022, Audio Podcast, 41:58

Strength Thru Music New Video Interview Series

Host: Allie Jorgensen

The Science of Sound and Music and – The Powerful Impact Music Makes On Our Lives. Dave Combs  Shares How The Power Of One Song Changed The Lives Of So Many People. Aug 23, 2022, Video Podcast, 19:55

Hey Alexa The Podcast

Hey Alexa… What is Rachel’s Song? Episode 70 with Dave Combs

Host: Alexa Randolph

Alexa: Hmm… not sure our guest, Dave Combs, is a song writer, author, publisher, and owner of Comb’s music. He is known for his first song—Rachel’s song. Today we hear the story behind Rachel’s Song. Aug 12, 2022, Audio Podcast, 41:01

Stories In Our Roots Podcast

Dave Combs | Music in His Appalachian Roots

Host: Heather Murphy

Dave Combs shares stories of music and perseverance that carry through his family tree. Aug 11, 2022, Audio Podcast, 15:31

Level Up Tribes Podcast

EP 80 Touched by the Music Author and Composer of Rachel’s Song Dave Combs

Host: Agnes “Mari” Goodwine

Agnes and Dave have a fun-filled conversation and stories about Dave’s music. You will also enjoy learning about how Dave met his wife, Linda, and their first date which involved music. The episode concludes by playing the entire Rachel’s Song recording. Aug 5, 2022, Audio Podcast, 51:29

A Walk Through the Word: Daily Bread with Crystal Freie

Episode 84: The Sound of His Music

Host: Crystal Freie

My heart comes alive at the sound of music, so imagine my joy in talking with someone who has written over 120 songs!! We talk about the impact of faith in Dave’s life, and how one inspired song can change everything. He shares the story of how Rachel’s Song came to be and the impact it has had on countless lives around the world. We also talk about how God’s hand brings the right people at the right time into our lives to help lead us on the path created for us. July 24, 2022, Audio Podcast, 48:37

Healing for the Soul Podcast

Host: Robin Stoltman

We all know music is important in our lives just as much as water is. Without it life would certainly never be fun. In talking with Dave I learned how he followed his passion in music that led to more success. There are a lot of clues for success in this episode so I highly suggest listening to this one a few times to really hear, and understand how Rachel’s Song led to much more in life. July 15, 2022, Video Podcast, 32:36

Bullet Wealth Podcast

Host: Scott Marek

Why Is It Hard For A Musician To Make A Living In 2022? In today’s episode, we hear from Dave Combs. A lifelong musician that gives us a good outlook on what it was like in the music industry over the last couple of generations. Enjoy!  July 6, 2022, Video Podcast, 25:24

The Underground Subway Podcast

Host: David Alston

A Powerful interview with top ranked musician Dave Combs, writer of Rachel’s Song. We discuss the benefits of music and how it can make the world a better place. June 28, 2022, Audio Podcast, 35:16

The Journey of My Mother’s Son Podcast

Host: Dan Clouser

Dan sits down to talk with Dave Combs about his musical journey, beginning with “Rachel’s Song.” June 28, 2022, Video Podcast, 44:50

The Niche Finder Podcast

Host: Cliff Manning

Season 2 Episode 59 with Dave Combs on how he went from being a CIO, to a renowned song writer of over 120 soothing music heard around the world, with Rachel’s Song as his most requested song the last 40 years. June 24, 2022, Audio Podcast, 37:05

The Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast

The Story of Rachel’s Song (Three Part Interview)

Host: Pastor Bob Thibodeau

Pastor Bob and Dave had such a good time talking about music, particularly Dave’s music, and how it ministers to people, that the interview was divided into three parts, each less that 30 minutes long. Prepare to be inspired and entertained as you drop in on this great conversation. June 22, 2022, 3-part Audio Podcast, 29:29, 29:48, 19:16

The Bronx Bias Podcast

Host: Denzel Rodgers

Listen as Denzel and Dave discuss his journey into the music business including how he was able to get his song played across the country, who he met in the journey that contributed to his musical success, the differences between writing and creating music as opposed to writing and creating a book, and we discover who the perfect actor would be to play Dave in a movie! June 19, 2022, Audio Podcast, 1:20:58

The Fluent Podcast

Host: Anthony K

Anthony K is a former Pro & D1 basketball player and now co-host of Fluent & Chill (sports & life) Panel Member on Players Choice and Table 4 One and cast member of the new TV Series pilot DemOnes. Passion for Sports, Movies, TV and Music. Always fun. Always entertaining. Enjoy the interview with Dave Combs. June 18, 2022, Video, 51:27

The Inventive Journey Podcast

Host: Devin Miller

The biggest myth deals with the issue that people think, that if somebody has a hit song or a big success on a chart or billboard, they are going to be an instant millionaire or just going to be wildly successful. That is the exception rather than the rule. June 17, 2022, Video, 30:55

Hummin Group Mentoring Interview

Host: Grant Michael Dennis

Dave Combs share aspects of his career, blueprint to success, and general advice for new college graduates to launch their careers. June 15, 2022, Video, 38:54

Mindfulness Mode Podcast

Music for Mindfulness

Host: Bruce Langford

Listen in on an interesting conversation between Dave Combs and Bruce Langford as they explore the many intricate relationships between music and mindfulness and how they can contribute to reducing anxiety and stress and give you more peace. June 8, 2022, Audio Podcast, 41:36

YIELD Today Podcast

Touched by the Music of Life

Hosts: Dallin Candland

I love Dave’s story! We dive into all of it here. June 6, 2022, Audio Podcast, 43:11

Top Five Podcast

In Conversation – Top Five Tips For A Successful Music Business

Hosts: Rael Bricker & Lindsay Adams

“Okay, I’ve got my song now recorded, and I’ve got it, but nobody else knows about it. And so, the question then is to identify the demographics and geographics of your people that you want to expose your product to, in my case, it was a list.” Dave’s Top Five Tips For Building a Successful Music Business.

June 6, 2022, Audio Podcast, 22:41

Spirit Cafe Podcast

S2E16 Dave Combs “Rachel’s Song”

Hosts: Tamara Zoner & John Davis

Tamara and John have a lovely conversation with the charming Dave combs of Dave Combs music. It was a half hour of pure Joy. Grab a cuppa love. May 30, 2022, Video Podcast, 37:49

USA Global TV Interview


By: Dr. Jacalyn Kerbeck & Kim-adele Randall

This is Dave’s third guest appearance on USA Global TV. May 27, 2022, Video, 34:37

Go Solo Interview

Enjoy Being Touched by the Music — Combs Music

By: Team Subkit (3 minute read)

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in music but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Dave Combs, founder of Combs Music, located in Winston-Salem, NC, USA. May 27, 2022, Text of Interview

Your Brand Amplified Podcast

Finding the Music Inside of You

Host: Anika Jackson

Welcome to Your Brand Amplified©, the podcast where we interview marketers, publicists and brands to learn their stories, what makes them tick, and tips and tricks that make a difference. Today we interview Dave Combs about his musical journey that started with the writing of his now popular song, “Rachel’s Song.”  Listen to his inspiring stories. May 26, 2022, Audio Podcast, 51:48

Christian Writing & Speaking Podcast

Host: Jacqui Wilson

Playing the piano after work was routine. But one day, Dave Combs played what would become known as “Rachel’s Song”. At the suggestion of his wife, he recorded this song. Thousands responded, and since then, millions of lives have been touched. Eventually, he resigned from his job and embraced what God had given to him. Listen to his story, and in the process, you will find encouragement to share your gifts too. May 25, 2022, Video Podcast, 31:41

Threads of Enlightenment Podcast

Host: Ken Primus

Ken interviews Dave about how he used principles of self development and personal growth to change his live leading to the creation of his music which in turn touches the lives of others. May 25, 2022, Audio Podcast, 46:32

The Author Factor Podcast

Ep:109—An Interview with Songwriter & Author, David Combs

Host: Mike Capuzzi

On this episode of The Author Factor Podcast Mike has a conversation with songwriter and author, David Combs, focusing on marketing. May 24, 2022, Audio Podcast, 31:52

Fire In The Belly Podcast

Host: Mighty Pete Lonton

It’s not often that you get the chance to sit down and chat with an absolute legend, but I got the chance to do just that in today’s episode. Dave Combs had a successful career at a Fortune 500 company when he finally transcribed a melody he’d had in his head for a while. That song eventually became the hit Rachel’s Song, which paved the way for Combs to leave his first career and follow his heart and talent into the music industry. In today’s conversation, we talk about music, lessons learned along the way, humility, and much more. May 18, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:25:27

Avoid The Maze Podcast

Host: Karen Hale

What a delightful conversation with a talented gentleman who takes us on his journey and shares the creation of Rachel’s Song. May 16, 2022, Audio Podcast, 49:38

The Healing Place Podcast

Host: Teri Wellbrock
I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to chat with Dave Combs, songwriter, photographer, entrepreneur with four decades of experience writing over 120 songs and creating fourteen albums, including the world-renowned Rachel’s Song. The first time I listed to this beautiful song, I felt like I already knew it and felt a wave of peace fill my being. Please join us.
May 13, 2022, Video Podcast, 59:43

The Don’t Quit Podcast

Host: Nick Mann

The Don’t Quit Podcast looks at how professionals work and how you can learn from them.

This week’s guest is Dave Combs, a songwriter, photographer, entrepreneur, and author with four decades of experience writing over 120 songs and creating fourteen soothings, relaxing instrumental piano music albums.

He is also the author of the bestselling new book, Touched By The Music: How the Story and Music of Rachel’s Song Can Change Your Life. May 9, 2022, Audio Podcast, 35:43

The Toby Gribben Show on Shout Radio

Host: Toby Gribben

You will definitely enjoy this interview all the way from Scotland with Toby and his delightful Scottish accent. May 6, 2022, Audio Podcast, 21:06

Show Up To Shine Podcast

Author & Songwriter of 15 albums joins us to inspire!

Hosts: Danielle & Jackie
In this weeks episode we have the upmost pleasure of interviewing Dave Combs songwriter and author who has produced more than 15 albums and written his newest book with forward by author of Chicken Soup for the Soul series, Jack Canfield. May 2, 2022, Audio Podcast, 1:10:36

Seek ELLAvation Podcast

Dave Combs| The magic of Rachel’s Story and how one man’s vision can help give you sight.

Host: Ellakisha O’Kelley

Dave Combs sits down with ELLAkisha to discuss the magical story behind one song that unfolds the rhythm of life and so much more! April 28, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:08:39

Inspired Money Podcast

An Artful Life

Host: Andy Wang

In this episode, you’ll learn: (1) How Dave wrote a song and 9 years later was able to quit his corporate job (2) The importance of forging one’s own way in the music business (3) Tune in to the end to hear why the local librarian could be every entrepreneur’s secret weapon April 27, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:01:55

Inspirational Journeys Podcast

Host: Ann Harrison

This week I had the pleasure of speaking to a composer of soothing instrumental music, of whom I have become a fan. Sit back, relax, and eavesdrop on or conversation as my special guest shares the story of how “Rachel’s song” touches the lives of so many people, including me. April 26, 2022, Video Podcast, 40:45

The Book of the Week Podcast

Host: Jonathan Portukalian

Welcome to the #1 book review podcast on the planet! Hey y’all in this week episode we have Dave combs. Even though Dave wrote the legendary Rachel’s song, he contributes his inspiration to God. Dave has gone on to write dozens of amazing songs and has had a very successful music career. Enjoy the show. April 25, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:21:47

Weight Loss Study, Nutrition, and MyFitnessPal with Dave Combs

Host: Coach Greg
F.A.N. U.P. stands for Fitness and Nutrition Ultimate Podcast. Everything you need to know and want to know about your fitness journey. In this episode of F.A.N. U.P. Podcast, Coach Greg sits down with Dave Combs, songwriter and author, to discuss nutrition, weight loss studies, and even debunk a MyFitnessPal myth. April 18, 2022, Audio Podcast, 52:03

Stuck In My Mind Podcast

Host: Wize

Sit back and enjoy as Dave Combs and host, Wize, tell some inspiring stories. Dave talks about his road to discovering his gift of writing music. April 16, 2022, Video Podcast, 52:12

Dr. Paul’s Family Talk on Impact Radio

Host: Paul W. Reeves

DAVE COMBS, a musician, pianist, and composer of “Rachel’s Song” – and over 120 more songs – will joins Dr. Paul Reeves from North Carolina to discuss his career, the impact of his compositions, and his latest book release, “Touched By The Music – How the Story and Music of “Rachel’s Song” Can Change Your Life“. March 21, 2022, Audio Internet Radio Broadcast, 45:00

Notez: All About Life’s Podcast

Host: Cynthysis

Anyone seeking motivation will enjoy listening to Notez. Cynthysis gives subscribers a sense of upliftment through her words of hope, clarity, and resilience. Cynthysis dialogues with guest, Dave Combs about his journey with his music and about his new book, Touched by the Music.  April 10, 2022, Video Podcast, 59:08

The Chris Voss Show Podcast

Host: Chris Voss

This podcast is one of the top 1.5% most popular shows out of 2,709,411 podcasts globally. Chris interviews Dave Combs about his journey with his music and about his new book, Touched by the Music.  April 8, 2022, Video Podcast, 40:31

Chatting With Betsy Podcast

Host: Betsy Wurzel

Life Changing Journey. Betsy Wurzel’s guest is Dave Combs. Dave discusses why he wrote his book, and how he created “Rachel’s Song”, and went from selling to gift shops to becoming world known for his music! Dave talks about “GODWINKS” a man of faith, and discusses how GOD connected him to the right people at the right time! April 6, 2022, Audio Podcast, 57:02

Data Leadership Lessons Podcast

Host: Anthony Algmin

Data is everywhere in businesses — even in Dave Combs’ music business. Dave talks about how he used his background in information technology and his analytical creativity to build his Combs Music business and in the process touched millions of lives with his music.  April 4, 2022, Video Podcast, 43:12

Living the Dream with Curveball Podcast

Host: Curtis Jackson

In this episode Curtis chats with Dave Combs about how he achieved his dream of spreading peaceful, relaxing music around the world and touched millions of lives in the process. When you listen to living the dream with curveball, prepare to be motivated and inspired to stop at nothing to achieve your dreams. April 1, 2022, Audio Podcast, 53:32

M.I.N.D Your Business Podcast

Host: Tonikia Steans

Dave & Tonikia enjoy an interesting discussion of Dave’s lifelong journey with his music, beginning with his roots in East Tennessee and culminating with the creation and recording of over 120 original songs. March 22, 2022, Video Podcast, 54:14

Ordinary People with Extraordinary Stories Podcast

Host: Tim Heale

In this episode Tim chats with Dave Combs about his life and how he went from working for AT&T to working for himself writing his own music and producing and selling it across America then the world. He has written a book of his journey. March 20, 2022, Video Podcast, 51:03

The Blue Oasis Podcast

Host: Adam Rothstein

In this episode the host talks to Dave Combs about music, audio, NFTs and how he got started.
March 9, 2022, Audio Podcast, 42:19

Boss Uncaged Podcast

Host: S.A. Grant

Founder and Owner of Combs Music, Dave Combs aka The Instrumental Boss, and host S.A. Grant explore many of the business and life decisions that emanated from the writing of Rachel’s Song and the many songs that followed.
March 3, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:11:26

LOA Today – Living Our Abundance with the Law of Attraction – Your Daily Dose of Happy

Hosts: Walt Thiessen and Cindie Chavez

Cindie and Walt got to be spectators as our guest ran with the show, and it was well worth it. What a great story he tells about how his song went grassroots “viral” before “viral” became a thing! It’s also a wonderful story of perseverance all the way to success.
February 23, 2022, Video Podcast, 1:00:51

Design Your Legacy Podcast

Host: Angelina Carleton

In this episode, Angelina Carleton talks with her distant cousin, Dave Combs, about creating and leaving a legacy outside of just money.
February 11, 2022, Video Podcast, 47:40

The Tom Barnard Show Podcast

Host: Tom Barnard
Do you listen to elevator music? Well you should cause it’s good for the soul. Dave Combs composes various instrumental relaxing music. Give it a try, you might find yourself in the most relaxing state EVER!.
January 13, 2022, Audio Podcast, 50:25

Breakthrough Success Podcast

Host: Marc Guberti
120 Song and 14 Albums Later with Dave Combs (Ep. 680)
January 5, 2022, Episode 680, Audio Podcast, 16:44

Shut Up and GRIND Podcast

Host: Rob Foster
All Star Panel Discussion about Gratitude
November 18, 2021, Video Discussion with Dave Combs and others, 1:15:13

Dave, The Caregiver’s Caregiver / Avoiding Burnout & Surviving Grief

Host: Dave Massaney
One Thing You Can Do For FREE to Help Restore Peace
November 16, 2021, Video Interview with Dave Combs, 33:22

Read My Lips: Cool Conversations with Creatives

Host: akaRadioRed
Creatively Rerouting Your Life Path
November 8, 2021, Podcast Interview with Dave Combs, Audio only, From 13:50 to 21:20

Camel City Chat Podcast

Host: John McPherson, Jr
Video Interview with Dave Combs
October 20, 2021, Episode 47, 1:05:55


Host: Gresh Harkless
Songwriter Touches the Lives of Millions of People
September 30, 2021, Podcast Interview with Dave Combs, Episode IAM1144, Audio Podcast, 16:45

#DefineYourself Podcast

Host: Chris Mitchell
The magic of Rachel’s Song by Dave Combs
August 12, 2021, Episode 55, Audio Podcast, 44:50